Welcome to J LEE Suji Campus!


Adam Kho

Head of  Suji Campus

Education is fundamental in the proper upbringing of a young mind. In the midst of the current ever-changing and ever-expanding societies, we are in need of capable next-generation individuals who can successfully take charge in all areas of life.


At J LEE Preparatory, we look at the heart of education. Our ultimate goal to form wholesome, motivated and competitive individuals has never changed throughout the many years I have served here. It is our mission to produce such individuals by providing an exemplary curriculum that focuses on critical thinking, proactivity, and discipline. Staying true to our philosophy, “Beyond the Language,”  we do not merely teach English but conduct broad-ranged education through English.


Our faculty is comprised of accomplished members from various backgrounds and years of experience. Prior to being assigned classes, they undergo thorough training to be best equipped for the classroom. With their unparalleled passion for teaching and proficient class management, they direct lessons of  excellence.


It is our privilege and honor to be working with students who actively pursue both intellectual and character development. We will put in our greatest effort to engage them in diverse academic disciplines to help them effectively develop into strong leaders. We are looking forward to partaking in your educational journey, by “Planting the Seeds of Success”!



Adam Kho


  • Master’s University (B.S. in Pre-medical Emphasis / Biology)


  • J Lee, Bundang & Suji (Head Teacher)

  • Vision Center (English Teacher)

  • EduCo (English Teacher)