Welcome to J LEE Bundang Campus!


Jacob Woo

Head of Bundang Campus

J LEE accommodates the needs of high achievers who are self-directed learners. As a member of such a prestigious institution, I am very privileged to serve J LEE students at the Bundang Campus.


Our goal is to provide a nurturing learning environment and assist our students to attain the highest level of achievement, both personally and academically, within their capabilities. In fact, as J LEE's differentiated curriculum is geared toward cultivating high-order thinking skills and creativity, our students are trained to apply their learned skills to different areas of academics and everyday life.


As the director of Bundang Campus, I will ensure that all students who attend our campus will have the best learning experience. Thank you!  


Planting the Seeds of Success!



Jacob Woo


  • California State University of Northridge (B.A. in Business Administration)

  • TDSB (Head Director of Research and Development)


  • POLY Returnee Education

    • JeonBal POLY (Head Instructor)

    • Ilsan, Mapo, Bundang POLY (Director)