Principal & Director

Principal :  Joey H. J. Lee

Education : - University of California at  Los Angeles

                        - U.S. Professional Teaching Credential, English (single subject)

▶Experience :

    - Virgil Middle School (USA), Literature teacher (SAS/GATE, advanced programs)

    - Los Angeles Board of Education Advisory Member

    - English Development Program

    - English Assessment System R & D

    - Chungdahm/Ian Academy, Master Instructor

    - Chungdahm Academy, Head of Development/Teacher Training

    - Dankuk University, Master's Program Professor  

    - Dankuk University, English Literature Professor

    - Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages


▶Name : Abraham Choi

▶Education : California Polytechnic University     (B.A. in Business Administration) 

▶Experience :

   -WILS English Academy : English Instructor 

   -Elite English Academy : English Instructor 

▶Name : Adam Koh

▶Education : The Master's University 

    (B.A. in Pre-medical Emphasis/Biology)

▶Experience :  

   -Vision Center : English Instructor

   -EduCo : English Instructor

▶Name : Dan Kwon

▶Education : University of Hartford

    (B.A. in Business Administration)

▶Experience :

   -Milestone Institute : Academic Director

   -Kizlish : English Instructor 

   -Paedea Plus : English Instructor 

▶Name : James Kim

▶Education : University of California at                      Los Angeles (B.A. in Economics)

▶Experience :

   -Paedea : English Director

   -Interpark Paedea : English Director

   -Proud 7 : English Program Director

   -Ian English Institute : English Instructor 

   -CDI : English Instructor

▶Name : Charles Junn

▶Education :
  - Princeton Seminary (M.A. in Education)
  - University of Washington (B.A. in Psychology)

▶Experience :

   -Woosong University : Assistant Professor

   -Lighthouse International School : Academic         Affairs Director

   -Mount Pisgah Christian School (Atlanta, GA)

    : English Instructor

 ▶Name : Sean C. Galera

 ▶Education : Chapman University
     (B.A. in Broadcast Journalism)

 ▶Experience :

    -KDLP : English Instructor

▶Name : Timothy Chang

▶Education : University of Portland 

    (B.A. in Business Administration)

▶Experience :

   -Chungdahm Learning : English Instructor

   -Seoil System : English Instructor

▶Name :  Christie Alty

▶Education :

   -Lehman College (B.A. in English Literature)

   -Sam Houston State University (TESOL)

▶Experience :

   -Lanpus Kids English : English Instructor 

   -Esprit International School : English Instructor

   -Catapult Learning : English Instructor 

   -Poly Seoul : English Instructor  

▶Name : Ricky Choi

▶Education :

   -Amherst College (B.A. in Anthropology)

   -Bonnie B. Emory Scholar (TESOL)

▶Experience :

   -Amherst College : Teaching Assistant 

   -iKNOW Academy : Academic Instructor

   -Seosam Elementary School : English Instructor

▶Name : Jonathan Howell

▶Education :

   -Leeds Metropolitan University

     (B.A. in Political Science)

   -University of Isabella (TEFL)

▶Experience :

   -Chungdam Learning : English Instructor 

   -Conversational Escola : English Instructor

▶Name : Vicky Kim

▶Education :

   -University of California (B.A. in Psychology)

▶Experience :

   -Milestone Institute : English Instructor

   -Seoul foreign School : English Instructor 


▶Name : Fredrick Bollman

▶Education :

   -Dominican University of California

     (B.A. in English Literature)

   -TEFL Certified 

▶Experience :

   -IMG, USA : English Instructor   

   -Edu Kingdom, New Zealand : English Instructor

   -POLY : English Instructor

   -Pagoda One : English Instructor

▶Name : Victor Sickles

▶Education :

   -University of Eastern Illinois (B.A. in Fine Arts)

   -TESOL Certified 

▶Experience :

   -YBM ECC : English Instructor, R&D

   -EPIK : English Instructor 


▶Name : Christopher Rodrigues

▶Education :

   -University of Oxford Brookes

     (B.A. in Publishing) 

▶Experience :

   -Unitas Foreign Language Academy :

     English Instructor

   -University of Yamanashi : Teaching Assistant



▶Name : Sarah Bae

▶Education :

   -University of New South Wales (Psy.M, Ph.D)

▶Experience :

   -University of New South Wales :

   Professor of Psychology Statistics

   -DYB Creo : English Instructor 


▶Name : Devin Lee

▶Education :

  - Saint Ambrose University, Davenport, IA - B.A. 
  (Presidential Scholar Program / TESOL Certificate)

▶Experience :

 - English Book Ladder: English Lead Instructor
- AGI Language Institute: English Head Instructor
- Herald School : English Head Instructor


▶Name : Joseph Crawford

▶Education :

   -Colorado State University (B.A. in Politicial Science)

   -District of Columbia Teaching License
   -TEFL Certificate 

▶Experience :

    -Avalon English : Head English Instructor

    -Yagrina Education : English Instructor

    -Misa Middle School : English Instructor